Swift Reach 911

GWD Emergency Warning Notification System

Direct Call Alerts You At Critical Times:
Recently, we installed a new Emergency Notification System to alert every district customer in the event of a water emergency. This unique system works like 9-1-1 in reverse. It automatically calls you with a pre-recorded message within minutes in the event of a water emergency!

We Need Your Number:
It is important that your telephone number is in our database so that you can be notified in case of a water emergency or other related water issues. Unfortunately, if we do not have your phone number, we will NOT BE ABLE TO NOTIFY YOU in the event of a water emergency!

Your phone number will be kept completely confidential and not be used for any other purpose.

Text Message And Email:
Also, you can choose to be contacted by text message or Email as well. Please fill out the information in the form below for this preference.

For The Hearing Impaired or Those With Medical Conditions:
It’s extremely important that you also notify us if you or anyone in your household is hearing impaired or has any other medical condition that could potentially be affected by a water emergency.

Please complete the following form so we can notify you. Indicate how you would like to be notified… by Phone, Text Message and/or Email.