Our Services

The Greenlawn Water District services a diverse community and the GWD supplies water to both residential and commercial sites. The District is capable of pumping in excess of 20 million gallons of water per day.

Delivering Mother Nature’s Finest:

The Greenlawn Water District’s wells pump water from far beneath the surface, with our deepest well being 700+ feet in Long Island’s Magothy aquifer. This is channeled into a distribution network of pipes that totals an amazing +/- 180 miles of water mains. Connected to the distribution system are three elevated storage tanks and a 3,000,000 gallon underground tank. Total GWD storage exceeds 6,000,000 gallons.

Residential Services:

Residents serviced by the GWD can be assured that the water you drink, bathe, wash and cook with is regularly tested to ensure purity and safety. Your water meets or exceeds Federal, New York State and local regulation.   We are proud to note the GWD’s water has been judged the best tasting water in Suffolk County, as well as New York State, on numerous occasions. And because you have local control, it is available for you whenever you need it, to water a garden, wash your car or have a drink.

As a resident, you are entitled to information. The Greenlawn Water District Commissioners and Superintendent Bob Santoriello maintain an open door policy to distribute information.  This includes regular water reports, newsletters, telephone and email access in addition to our updated website.   And as residents ourselves, it is always our goal to keep costs as low as possible.

Commercial Services:

Currently, of the Greenlawn Water District’s 12,000 connections, some 4% are commercial in nature.  Commercial organizations can depend on the same quality and uninterrupted delivery of water as residents.