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LEGAL NOTICE – Proposed Amendments

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Commissioners of the Greenlawn Water District will hold a public hearing with respect to the following proposed amendments to the Ordinances, Rules and Regulations of the Greenlawn Water District:

Amendments to Section II, Paragraph 3, relating to the obligations of an applicant for water service upon acceptance of the application by the Greenlawn Water District.

Amendment to Section VII, Paragraph 1, relating to requirements for opening a street, highway or public ground.

Amendment to Section VIII, to add a new Paragraph 5 to provide procedures for replacing a meter and charging the expense to the consumer when an existing meter is inaccessible or obstructed, or where repair, maintenance or replacement of a meter has been refused or access denied.

Amendment to Section XIV, Paragraph 4, relating to installation of Reduced Pressure Zone and other backflow devices in commercial premises.

Amendment to Section XVII, Paragraph 2, relating to the turn off of water service in the event of nonpayment of water and service charges within sixty days from the due date.

Amendment to Section XVIII, relating to charges which, if in arrears as of September 15 of each year, are to be transferred to an owner’s real property tax bill.

Time and Place of Hearing:
Greenlawn Water District
45 Railroad Street, Greenlawn, New York 11740

Date of Hearing: April 27, 2022

Time of Hearing:  9:00 a.m.

The proposed amendments to the Ordinances, Rules and Regulations of the Greenlawn Water District are available for public inspection at the office of the Greenlawn Water District at 45 Railroad Street, Greenlawn, New York 11740, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, except legal holidays.  All interested persons will have an opportunity to be heard at the public hearing.

The Greenlawn Water District complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Disabled persons with special needs should contact the Greenlawn Water District office at 631-261-0874 at least three business days prior to the hearing, so that reasonable efforts may be made to accommodate such needs.

Dated: April 14, 2022