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Note On Orion Meters

Greenlawn Water District

Attn: Robert Santoriello, Superintendent

45 Railroad St. Greenlawn, NY. 11740

 RE: ORION® Fixed Network (SE) and Migratable (ME) Endpoint Radio Frequency (RF) Signals

The ORION® Fixed Network (SE) and Migratable (ME) endpoint devices meet all applicable legal requirements, including Part 15 of the Federal Communications Commission Rules. As part of these rules, the United States government sets requirements that limit the Radio Frequencies (RF) energy broadcast from ORION endpoints to safe levels for use in reading meters. ORION endpoint RF transmissions are below the typical ambient radio frequencies most people are exposed to in the United States on a daily basis from devices include TVs, wireless phones and radios.

The ORION SE endpoint broadcasts its reading data hourly, with each transmission lasting less than one half second. This is equivalent to less than one half watt-second of power per hourly transmission. A watt-second is one watt used for one second. The endpoint also transmits a very short message at very low power every 10 to 11 seconds and this message averages to less than one third of the power of the hourly message. Total power is approximately 16 watt-seconds per endpoint per day. The ORION ME endpoint broadcasts at very low power every five to six seconds. This message averages to less than one third of the power of the half second message. Total power is about 16 watt-seconds per day per endpoint. In comparison, a cordless phone might transmit one half watt so a 20 minute call uses 600 watt-seconds and a Wi-Fi transmitter in a laptop or tablet can transmit over 100 watt – seconds each hour.

Additionally, the exposure to RF signals decreases with the square of the distance to the device. This means the further away anyone is from the RF device the less RF contact. For example, the energy measured two feet away from the endpoint is one fourth (1/4) of the energy measured at a distance of one foot. Since ORION endpoints are typically located in the basement, outside of the house or in a meter pit at or below grade, the extended distance and material between the endpoint and the individual further reduces contact with RF signals.

 Further information regarding ORION SE and ME endpoints and their approval for use in water and gas meter reading applications can be found on the FCC website. Additional information regarding FCC regulatory compliance and Radio Frequency Safety can be found online at www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/radio-frequency-safety.


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