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Public Notice: Water Meters Being Upgraded

What: The GWD has authorized Saks Metering to conduct a District-wide water meter upgrade project. This will provide more accurate readings electronically.

Action: You may find a door hanger notice indicating that metering has been successfully upgraded or that your meter is inside your house and Saks Metering personnel may contact you to schedule an appointment.

Who: All authorized Saks Metering installers will be in official uniforms, carry photo identification, and their vehicles will bear appropriate signage.

Meter Location: Most water meters are in an outside pit, usually in the front of the property. If so, residents DO NOT have to be home to receive the upgrade.

Cost: The replacement of the meter is no cost to residential homeowners.

Time: Upgrading requires approximately one hour to complete.

Water Disruption: You may experience temporary water disruption.

Questions or concerns: Please call GWD (631-261-0874) or Saks Metering (516-453-2922) at any time.

More information: Visit http://www.SaksMetering.com to view a video that can provide answers.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Robert Santoriello