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Water Supply Uninterrupted After Hurricane Sandy

Greenlawn Water District Residents Assured Water Supply Is Safe To Drink

The Greenlawn Water District Board of Commissioners has assured consumers that the District experienced no interruptions in water supply as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Most importantly, the District’s water supply is safe to drink and no boil water advisories have been issued.

“We began preparing for Hurricane Sandy long before the storm actually hit.” Commissioner Jim Logan stated. “Our staff was fully prepared. During the storm, we had additional personnel on site around the clock to handle any potential emergencies. The staff did an excellent job ensuring that our consumers would have clean and safe water to drink during and after the massive storm. All Greenlawn consumers should rest assured that our distribution system will continue to be vigorously monitored.”

Although power outages impacted several plants and facilities, a series of emergency backup generators kept the District water supply pumping on a normal schedule. As a result, there were no reports of water loss. A portion of the pump stations were switched to generator power since the beginning of the storm.